Aloha Friends and Family,

Over a hundred days have passed since the kiaʻi of Mauna Kea began their steadfast stand in protecting our sacred mauna. They have inspired and motivated us. Their actions have given us strength. In return, we wish to further our educational mission by sharing the mele, oli, and hula of the mauna, with our community.

The Moku O Keawe Foundation is offering free classes this Friday November 8th to prepare one for the ritual protocol that takes place every day on the mauna. We have asked three kiaʻi to assist in teaching mele hula and mele oli that are performed at each ritual. Additionally, they will share Kapu Aloha, rules of conduct, and give suggestions on dressing for the mauna.

Registration will begin at 730 am at the Paniolo Ballroom #1 at the Waikoloa Marriott Hotel. Classes will follow at 800 am in the adjoining ballrooms.

On Saturday, the Foundation will offer free transportation to the mauna for any participants at the Noon Protocol. Departing at 1000 am and returning at 200 pm, this bus will carry the first forty registered participants. All others may join us on the mauna and participate alongside.

We are excited to share the experiences of the mauna! Please join us as we participate in the Noon Protocol and honor the kiaʻi of Mauna Kea!

Aloha nui,